Best Times to List

Living in Winnipeg, people often seem to consider it is best to wait till the grass appears to list their home. 
While this certainly adds appeal to your property, the truth is the highest percentage of buyers have already purchased by then. In general buyers prefer to move in late spring and early summer. They want to enjoy their new home over the summer and if they have school age children, have them start their new school in September. 
January tends to bring in two sets of potential purchasers. The first group are people who looked in the fall and beginning of winter and did not find a property to suit them.  The second group is comprised of company transfers and people that want to buy "this year”. Listing inventory tends to be lower the beginning months of the year allowing your home to be the star of show and often results in a higher selling price. The rule of “Supply and Demand” can potentially work in your favour.